The Objects of the International Forum for Surrogacy

In recognition of the absence of an International Convention to regulate and harmonise the complex legal issues of children born to an international surrogacy arrangements[1] the purpose of the Forum is to create a forum of experts in the field to address the issues that arise from the uncertainty in the legal status of children who are born of international surrogacy arrangements, to resolve the problems concerning the establishment or recognition of a child’s legal parentage, to regulate the legal consequences of parentage and with particular reference to issues of citizenship, nationality, immigration, the right to support, inheritance and the right to family life.
To address the need for a multilateral convention for the establishment and recognition of parental status in respect of children born or into international surrogacy arrangements. To disseminate information of domestic state laws relating to assisted reproduction and surrogacy. To provide a resource for the collation and dissemination of statute and case law from multiple jurisdictions, to support legal research and proposals for reform in this area of the law and to support the initiatives of international agencies as such the Hague Conference on Private International Law and the European Union.
To establish communication with the leading agencies on Private International Family Law, such as the International Bar Association and the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.
To work for the establishment of international standards in medical, legal and other processes in the making of surrogacy arrangements and to establish codes of best practice.

[*]Defined as an arrangement where the commissioning and birth parent(s) live in different countries or where a child born of a surrogacy arrangement or its parent(s) relocate internationally.